martes, 17 de abril de 2007

Unit 13

In this unit we'll learn about how to give addresses and tell people where we live.

This is Maracaibo, my city.

I live in goajira avenue, across Plaza de toros and next to the quinta avenida bakery.
My house is white and has a red roof.

What about you? where do you live?

Unit 12

In this unit, we learn to talk about body parts, illnesses, and reporting something wrong.

B: Good morning Dr. Ping
D: Good morning. whats the matter with you?
B: I've had a strong allergy for the past few days. My nose gets clogged and my hands and arms get red
D: Are you allergic to something?
B. Yes, I'm allergic to dust
D: well, you should try to stay away from it so you dont develop the allergy
B:what if I must be near something dusty?
D: if the allergy starts, take one of these pills. take a maximum of two daily.
B: ok, thanks a lot doctor Ping
D: you're welcome! my secretary will give you the bill.
B. ok, see you next time!

What about you? Is anything bothering you? How do you feel right now?

Unit 11

In this unit we talk about our birthdays, our favorite month of the year, our favorite day of the week, and why they're our favorites.

Hello, my names is Betsabé.

My birthday is on November 15th.

My favorite holiday is christmas because I spend it with my family and friends and I always feel happy during those times.

My favorite months are November and December, and my favorite day of the week is Friday because that's when I finish classes.

Tell me, what about you?

Unit 10

In Unit 10 we talk about our abilities and talents we have and do not have.

Hi, everybody!

I can write very well, and I'm good at english.
I love listening music, almost progressive.. bands like Dream Theater and Pink Floyd are my favorites, and this motivates to try to play some instrument. I want to learn to play guitar!

I can read so much... my father says that I'm really good in this. I think that Paulo Coelho is really good and simple, my favorite book is Veronika decides to die.
I start to read some stuff of Edgar Allan Poe.

I'm bad at remembering some things, but I wish I were good. I'm not very good at sports either, but I'm not that bad at volleyball.

Well, if you want to see my writing, log on to myspace and add me as your friend...

So.. how about you? What things are you good at, and what things are you not so good at?

Unit 9

In this unit we'll learn about the foods we like and dislike, and how to express what we like to eat and what we don't.

I love eating chicken, I often eat chicken with potatoes, and drink fruit juice. Sometimes I eat some pasta.
Sometimes I eat pizza or hamburgers. I love to go to Burger King.

Well, I think that chocolate is delicious, but it's not so good for me. I need to eat more meat and vegetables.

Finally, I think fish is awful and cookies are the best kind of food in the world, but I need to eat less of them.

What about you?
What are your favourite and least favorite foods?